Endhiran : The Guessing Game ..

Renu’s Take: Bad Robot!

The most awaited Tamil movie of the year releases in less than a month now. Directed by Shankar who gave us Gentleman, Boys, Mudhalvan, and many more, and in the lead being THE Superstar, Rajnikanth, and for the first time with him, Aishwarya Rai, this movie definitely is the most awaited (Tamil) film of the year. To top it all, there is A R Rahman’s magical music. So, by now, you must have all heard the songs, caught a glimpse of the trailers! For the first time, Tamil cinema had a sci-fi movie! With the kind of crew and cast, it BETTER not be a let-down like some of the earlier hyped movies of the year (Eg., Kites!) Lets see how creative we can get, and guess the movie’s plot! (Disclaimer: At the time of writing this, I have not come across a plot online, anywhere!)Put your guesses (be creative) in the comments, and lets see how close we are to the real movie, in a months’ time! And if we are not, at least we shall have many plots for interested producers/directors! πŸ˜›

Rajni, the scientist creates a Robot –Β  obviously, a very powerful one! But the Robot begins to take over the world and then the real Rajni comes to the rescue of the world! As usual! Also, the songs seem to suggest that the Robot even falls in love! πŸ™‚ Watcha say?

Vishnu’s Take: Robot saves the World!

I’m neither a fan of Shankar nor Rajini Kanth. Shankar’s movies are cliched. They all have the same theme of corruption ridden city, and one man’s mission to set the country straight. Rope in some superb songs by ARR orΒ  Harris Jayaraj, pretty cool stunts and a mega budget, you have Shankar’s formula of a Mega Block buster movie!!

Shivaji was a disaster for me.. Hence I have meagre eagerness for this movie. But still I will play along with the Endhiran plot prediction game.


Analysing Shankar’s previous movies this one should also have fighting corruption as the main thread. So Rajani Kant is the stylish geek scientist who can sing and dance and say punch dialogues (whats Rajani Kant without punch dialogues man !! ).

So to fight a corruption ridden world, he creates a a super duper Robot which looks exactly like him !! Now the bad guys are in a fix. So hence they gain control over the Robot and wrecks havoc. Now our hero needs to get his act together and save the (well this time its not just Tamil Nadu or India Rajani Kant is planning to save as the budget is a whooping 200 crores) WORLD !!

Ash of course is our hero’s lady love who falls for Rajani’s awesome dialogues, style and this time for a change for his Geekish nature.

So that is my take on the plot. Do share your ideas on the plot of Endhiran in the comments. If they are wrong, at least Shakar can use them for his sequel to Endhiran soon.



  1. For starters the story is already available @ http://www.endhiranthemovie.in/….
    And of course, a Rajini movie does not need a plot… his screen presence is more than enough to make up for the plot… So there is no point predicting the plot, its best that you do a review of Eindhran songs (itunes downloaded No.1 in USA)….

    Any more fun of Rajini in this blog… I will nuke this site :)…

  2. it is for sure that Rajnikanth is a robot that is designed to bring destruction to humanity. However even though Rajnikanth is a robot, he has feelings, he has robotic feelings. he gets hungry when he is out of oil and he falls in love when he sees a hot chick. Therefore Rajnikanth decides not to destroy the earth but starts studying physics. He thought physics is lots of fun until he takes Jackson E&M. The movie ends with Rajnikanth torturing Jackson and killing him in a bloody way.

    1. Ha ha ha.. Thats the best plot! Onur, Rajni is worshiped in India, and hence he may not be created to destroy the world! But, when we physicist make the movie, our Dark Lord will definitely be Jackson! πŸ˜‰

  3. Rajni creates a robot which looks just like him to impress Ash. Robot does a pretty good job at that. The villain also wants her love. He kills original Rajni and takes control of the robot. Being a bad guy, he want the world along with Ash. Ash gives a senti dialog to the robot and he saves the world!

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