Language: Tamil

Director: Hari

Cast: Surya, Prakash Raj, Anushka Shetty, Vivek et al.,

Renu’s Take: A Silly Singam!

Remember the movies Samy and Gilli? Those are my two favorite masala, good-guy-beats bad-guy masala movies. Or remember  Kaka-Kaka? The ultimate tamil cop movie with the super-cop Surya? Somewhere in my brain, I warned myself not to start watching this movie with a combination of the above three in mind. The movie’s start was atrocious! Are you kidding? Come on, stop making fun of yourself and start making real movies, directors!!! Surya’s animated introduction was unnecessary, absolutely! As usual, there is nothing new about the movie. Bad guy lives in TN state, happily carrying about what he wants, until the only brilliant, honest cop in the state comes across him. There begins the war between the good and the bad. The movie would have been at least an hour and a half short if not for a lecture by the heroine as the hero almost decides to quit his good deeds. And then everything is predictable, so predictable! A word about performances: Surya looked (was made to look?) funny with his mustache and the animations! Not only did Anushka Shetty not have a role here ( as with any other movie), whatever little she had, she failed to make an impression!

The most disappointing part of the movie was Vivek! His jokes were pathetic, cheap, loud, and vulgar! Looks like his old magic –  of good jokes told in a nice way and with a message – is gone! 😦 The only person who lived up to his character was Prakash raj, as usual!  The movie is set in rural Nallore and then moves to Chennai. It gets faster(thankfully) as Surya hits Chennai. Watch this movie only (if you haven’t already) if you absolutely must.


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