Language: English

Director: Philip Noyce

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Liev Schrieber, et al.,

Renu’s Take: Who is Evelyn Salt?

Salt came right after one mind-blowing movie: Inception. I tried not to go in with expectations. Result:I did enjoy the movie! Evelyn Salt, played by Angelina Jolie keeps you gripped to your seats with her action. I am convinced that only a very few actors can give that performance! You keep pondering over that question: “Who is she?” for a while before you get the answer in a very crisp scene. A powerful performance by Jolie; Be it the attitude, the action, the pain, she lives it all. The plot is good and quick paced, although you cannot ask too many questions about how one lady can be such a super-hero’ine’, have we not seen and lived with that too many times before? My next favorite character from the movie was Orlav. His story-telling in the opening scene was another point where you find yourself listening like you were in an important lecture. Jolie fans, action buffs and suspense lovers, I would recommend this movie to you. I must say that I do have some friends that tell me they are not too impressed with this one!  The only part where I felt let down was the last scene – pretty much the way the movie ended. I don’t want to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it, but others, comments welcome! Are you ready to see Salt in a sequel? 😉


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