Apoorvaragam – Disaster

Language: Malayalam
Director: Sibi Malayil
Cast: Nishan, Asif, Nithya
Music: Vidyasagar

The movie was widely publicised using Sibi Malayil’s name more than any of the cast. The trailers showed scenes from the shoot so much, and they kept repeating the achievement of the Director. All may look good until you have actually seen the movie.
Apoorvaragam has become a ‘Apashruthi’ throughout!!
I couldn’t believe the maestro who gave us ever green movies like Kireedam, His Highness Abdullah and Dasharatham delivered this movie?? Its really a black mark in his filmography for sure.
No its not even an experimental movie, because its a disaster!! This is were we begin to understand the how much we miss Lohitadas and the superiority the Sibi-Lohitadas duo engraved in the history of Malayalam cinema.

The movie lacks script in the first place above that it doesn’t even attempt to grip us into the movie. To add on top of the pile of shite, poor performances by all the actors adds to the woe of the movie.
This is were we understand why Malayalam movie still weighs heavily on the shoulders of veteran actors like Mammootty, Lalettan and others. The new comers need to prove a lot. Lot means LOT !!

The posters show the cast clad in hip-hop-ish  clothes. Wow. Modern youth walks around like this right? It doesn’t say anything about the movie, guys. And the weird guy hidden in all the posters, its just a publicity stunt. Its not a suspense at all. Something really obvious and stupid. So don’t fall for that.

Whenever a Sibi movie release the first thing every one says in unison is ‘man, its a Sibi movie. It will surely have some really good songs”. This one? Even the songs are a disaster. The Director tried to modernize everything.
There was not even a moment in the movie when I dint want to shoot myself. Bang Bang. Please people. Chunk this one.
Go to a video store and get the DVD’s of Kireedam or Dasharatham and watch Lalettan’s mind blowing performance rather than waste your precious 2 hours on this movie. See I made a great sacrifice for you by watching this movie and warning you all about it.
Spare the thanks, cause its our duty to save your minds from watching mindless movie. 😉


One comment

  1. The movie was OK. Mohanlal is the greatest but everyone does need a change once in a while. Moreover this movie had a message to convey to the new generation. I liked your site though. Nice.

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