Inception: Mind Grenade !!!

Language: English

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page

Music: Hans Zimmer

Vishnu’s take:

When my favourite Director and one of my favourite actors come together, wow I couldn’t wait. I was jealous when Renu put up a review before me.

Inception, blew away my mind. It was a total awesome flick. I may be saying the same thing what everyone has been saying but I have to say it again to pay tribute to Chris Nolan. I’ve followed Chris’s works except ‘The Following’ and I can confirm the fact that Chris Nolan is obsessed with Minds. Yes! In memento he took us through the mind of a man suffering from short-term-memory-loss. Then he took us through the mind of an Insomniac police officer in Insomnia. Then he showed what a mad psychopath can do to a city ” with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets” in Dark Knight.

The script, like all of his other movies is really complicated. But its not that bad like some of them say. The greatest aspect about the movie is it keeps you hooked. I found myself sitting at the edge of my seat when the movie was over. It is a new world altogether. A whole new world of dreams, mind and sub-conscious. The movie introduces us to new world very gradually and neatly. As the movie goes more rules get revealed about this world. The complexity keeps increasing. And its ultra super fast like Dark Knight. I’m still at awe how such a concept could be materialised on screen so wonderfully. Some of the sequences are so brilliant both technically and conceptually.

How much can you tell in a movie of 148 mins? A lot !! To add to the complexity of the movie, we have Hans Zimmer’s awesome music. Man. Dark Knight was just one note. But this one so intense, so exhilarating. Woah!!

You will have a lot of adrenaline rush at various occasions through the movie. And in the end you will have a lot more to take back home besides the pure awesomeness of the movie. The climax was more than I could handle. I wont say more now. Watch it. Its gonna be an experience you will take time to recover from.

The movie is calling me back. There are a lot of dimensions about the movie I need to digest.

Idea is not the greatest resilient parasite. Inception has surely infected my mind!!!



    1. No dude. But Batman Begins is not in the genre of Dark Knight and Inception. Its not fast paced like these two. Its more conceptual and and the flow of the movie is like Prestige.
      Batman was never my childhood hero, but Chris Nolan changed that through Batman Begins !!
      Eagerly waiting for Batman 3. Chris Nolan + Jonathan Nolan. 2013 !!!

      1. 2012..thts the year in which Batman 3 is set to be released…Other than Nolan bro’s the credit also goes to David Goyer….:)..Also dont forget that christopher nolan ws inspired by the batman comics and the story of dark knight wasnt a pure piece created by nolan himself…Peace!!!

    2. Okay.I’m going to be the first to have the guts to say what apparently no one else wants to. That emoerpr wears no clothes.I watched Dark Knight three times. Three times. I figured, okay, maybe the first time, in the theater, I wasn’t able to appreciate everything I was seeing for the first time. So I bought the dvd. I gave it three fair shots.Dark Knight is a mess. Ledger’s performance was alright. Not Oscar material, but entertaining. The movie itself is an untidy collection of too many good ideas, stitched together into one movie where arguably, three movies might have been needed to separate them out into coherent story arcs. Was it about a villain called the Joker (a character that went out of his way to convince everyone he is just a rampaging agent of chaos, except that every one of his crimes was a labyrinth of intricate pre-planned plots)? Was it about Two-Face? There was a great story buried in there that the meager 30 minutes of on-film attention it was given could never have done justice. Was it about mobsters and their Chinese off-shore accounts? All of that was an interesting detour, but you could edit it out and still have a completely intact — and perhaps more manageable — movie. Was it about the dangers of unfettered surveillance and the choice between one’s ideals, and the expedience necessary to fight crime? That strange little parallel with this moment in history was itself a great little kernel of an idea that might have made for a terrific movie, itself.Instead, Nolan went the way of Batman Returns, or Spiderman 3, and just threw everything at the screen all at once.Ledger was fun to watch. He reinvented the character. But this does not an Oscar make, sorry to say, and the blind fauning over this one performance of his, just because he’s dead now, strikes me as a little creepy. I don’t know what movie or actors should win this year because I haven’t seen any of the ones that were nominated, but if we can’t do better than Heath Ledger imitating Pete Martell from Twin Peaks for two and a half hours, then Shakespeare in Love was the best movie of 1998.:::Rolls up sleeves, cracks neck:::Bring it on, fanboys.

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