IHLS : I hate to write this review

Movie: I hate Love Stories
Director: Punit Malhotra
Language: Hindi
Cast: Imran Khan, Sonam Kapoor

Renu’s Take:

I hate – I hate love stories!

What do you get when you make a movie-full of spoofs of KJo’s movies? Disaster! I must say that I was expecting this movie’s release and eagerly waiting to watch this one. What a let-down! In every earlier movie from Dharma productions, I used to wonder why KJo couldn’t let go of his older movies. It was even enjoyable at times, in some of the movies. But a boundary was crossed with IHLS and something became intolerable! Same old story –  Starts with boy-meets-girl and ends with happily-ever-after. Same old characters – Hero is a cool-dude, Heroine is a mushy lover-girl who likes pink! Same old ensemble of characters who all work towards the same cause (uniting the boy & girl) at least once in the whole 2-something hours. Ufff! Maybe somewhere in the second half of the movie, I could say I enjoyed some 10-minutes which were comical!

I don’t care who you are: “I have to watch every Karan Johar movie” fan, “die-hard Imran Khan” fan, or “I love Sonam Kapoor” fan; stay AWAY from this one!

Vishnu’s Take:

( Do you see Imran Khan’s facial expression in the pic above?? That is what I felt 10 mins into the movie. )

Having seen the trailers I knew this film would not have anything to offer new. Same old cliche stuff. Guy is a playboy. Girls drool over him. He doesn’t believe in love. Girl is over romantic and filmy. The perfect imperfect match. They fall in love and after some scenes which clearly must have stated a warning beforehand that the user must not have brains, they unite in the end. Well I knew all this would happen still why did I go for the movie? I read somewhere Punit Malhotra said the movie is based on this over used theme itself but the “treatment” is different. The other reason being irrelevant to state here I’m not going into that right now. 😉

Lead character Jay. He likes his name to be pronounced as Jay and not Jay (did you notice the difference ? ) cause its cooler. He is the Casanova type. The people who made the movie had to explicitly state it to convey the message to the audience. And there is a big plasma TV in the place where Jay stays which keeps playing a specific video where bikini clad women walk around a beach all the time. Wow! so this is what Casanovas watch when they are not sleeping with women. Nice tip.

Oh I forgot to mention what Jay does for a living. He is the assistant director to the guy portrayed as Karan Johar, the movie maker with magic in his finger tips. Jay obviously despises love stories. Enter the second character Simran. She is the beautiful successful art director who is in love and is very filmy. Ya, shes already in love with someone else. Bollywood seems to love this scenario. It was iconic in Dil Chahta Hai, bearable in JTYJN, but crossed the limits in this movie.

That is all I have to say about this movie. Rest is all bull crap.  1 hour into the movie, I wanted to shoot myself. Such movie dont deserve to be reviewed. They need the treatment of the expert. They need the treatment of the ‘Vigil Idiot‘ and I’m eagerly waiting for the Vigil Idiot’s review on this movie.

My humble suggestion people, trash this and wait for our monsoon recommendations. 🙂



  1. heyy..chikku!! 🙂
    ur bog is awessum!! 😀 d presentation is reely gud!!
    n afta readin review abt dis movi..em glaad i din watch it!!els i wud hav ended up wastin ma money!!aftaral..its a karan johar movi…no wonder its a flop!!

    so..keep going!!em waitin fo mor reviews!! 🙂

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