10 Best monologues in Malayalam Movies

10 Best Monologues in Malayalam Cinema

Monologue :

  • a long utterance by one person (especially one that prevents others from participating in the conversation)
  • a (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor

I got inspired by a particular post shared by someone on twitter that lead me to write this. 50 greatest movie monologues in Hollywood. Just thinking about doing a similar post for our Malayalam movies is it self nauseating cause our movies are filled with monologues. I had the weirdest dilemma of selecting my Top 10  ones. So here are my Chora thillapikunna dialogues.

I may have missed some of the greatest here so feel free to add it in the comments section.

So here it goes.

1. Commissioner: Suresh Gopi

Shaji Kailas , Renji Panicker, Suresh Gopi. Fire power, police, super script and the perfect dialogues. Some trivia about this movie would be that it was a block buster hit, ran for 250 days all over the state and also got dubbed in Telugu and ran for another 150 days.There are a lot more superb monologues in this flick but we need to make room for the rest.

Key moment : “JUST REMEMBER THAT!!!! ”

2. Narasimham: Mammootty

Narasimham, again another Shaji Kailas movie, stars Lallettan in the lead. But Mammootty makes a special appearance as Advocate Maarar. This is a courtroom closing statement by the superstar completely in English. Splendid.

Key Moment: “…dirty mad dog…”

3. Manichitrathazhu: Shobana

Shobana is one of the most splendid actresses Malayalam industry can always pride about. And this particular scene will be etched in the minds of generations.

Key Moment: “Vidamatte…..Enne engeyum poka Vidamatteen..?? ”

4. Devasuram : Mohanlal

Cult malayalam movie. Talkin about this movie its gets me excited. The amazing script by Renjith about the fuedal landlord Mangalasheri Neelakandan, that name itself gets our hair standing, portrayed so majestically by Padmashree Mohanlal. Lalettan brings both style and flair to the character. This is scene is none of those frictionally hot dialogues. Its this really emotional sequence Neelan has when he learns the truth about his birth. Marvellous.

Key Moment: “Verupannu eniku….”

5. The King: Mammooty

Its Mammokka again. The reason why these great actors come repeatedly when such a list is prepared need not be explained to any malayali. There was a time when Shaji Kailas created many magical moments using these stars. The King is another block buster. I love this scene in particular. I had the dilemma whether to put this clip or the famous dialogue with Vani Vishwanath “Sense venam…sensibility venam, sensitivity venam”. At last I settled for this.

Key Moment: ” I have an extra bone.”

6. Lelam: Soman

Yes. Veteran actor soman steals the show here in this movie. Eepachan tells his rise to glory in this 3mins monologue. He executes it marvelously.

Key Moment: “Pha theernittilla ……..”

7. Vadakan Veera Gadha: Mammooty

Mammokka again! Hariharan, MT, Mammooty. This epic drama about Kallari, Poothooram Tharavadu and Chandu are like heritage to us Malayalis. The latest Pazhasi Raja could not deliver the master piece of dialogues that this epic enriched Malayalam Industry years ago.

Key Moment: “Chanduvine tholpikan aavilla makkalle…”

8. Aaram Thampuran: Mohanlal

I must be boring you guys with Shaji Kailas already. But what can I do. We all know, how many senseless movies he has made, we cant the works he gave us years back.Again its not any of those “kalip” dialogues I’m listing here. Instead it is that infamous dialogue ending up in one of the most beautiful nectarine songs in Malayalam cinema. This is one cult dialogue.

Key Moment: “…simhathinthe Madayil. Ustaad Badusha Khan”

9. Angadi : Jayan

The man who made Bell bottom jeans and revolutionised the meaning of masculinity in Kerala. The brave Jayan. Many mock this particular scene from the movie Angadi but its really wonderful to watch it.

Key Moment: “We are not BEGGARSSS!! ”

10.  Adhipan : Mohanlal

We all know Lallettan power packed performance in various movies. The reason many are not in this list is cause its obvious. I’ve focussed more on the versatility on Lalettan here. So enjoy this hilarious scene from Adhipan.

Key Moment: “Njan ninthe Thandhayadaa Thandha ….”

I’m stopping here. I cant take this dilemma any more.  Which movies to add which to remove. So here is the point. These are the scenes which first came into my mind when I began writing this post. I have tried to make it as varied as possible. Please add your views and movie monologues to the comment so that we can continue this post in the future too.

Another point I would like to stress upon is all these malayalam movies listed here were during the golden 80s and 90s. Where is Malayalam cinema heading to now? When will we get to see the golden era again??



  1. You missed one of the best all time monologues in malayalam cinema history. Manju Warrior as Devika Shakhar in Pathram. ” Tanne kothiyarinju patta-shaappil kondupoyi kodampuliyittu curry-vechu vikkum ammayiappn”… 🙂

  2. Good Work. Actually good presentation. Of course there are a lot many other better monologues. But these are also so inevitable wen such a list is made. Kollaam.

  3. chikku i repeat..u can be our chetan bhagat !!u r really talented dude .try writing a story abt out college life k..n v ll later convert it as a movie..v got many gr8 directors lik aashan ryte !!

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