Kill Bill

Movie : Kill Bill 1 & 2
Director : Quentin Tarantino (God to some)
Cast: Uma Thurman,  David Carradine

Revenge is a dish best served cold – Old Kilngon proverb

This movie has my all time favourite opening scene. Its so beautiful the way the scene ends and Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” begins in the background. Tarantino always arms himself with his strong beautiful choice of music. This is not Taratino’s usually ‘Realer than real world movie universe’ but he calls it the ‘movie movie universe’. Let me not digress this blog post with a review of Tarantino’s works (writing a whole new post for that ) and let me get to our movie, Kill Bill.

Your wedding turns into a blood bath and you are sent into a comma for years. Of course who wouldn’t want revenge against the bastard who did it. And especially if you the member of the deadly viper assassination squad and if you are the deadliest woman in the world. Now all you have in mind is revenge and the sword your the ultimate weapon of choice (remember Butch in Pulp Fiction). The background score remind you a lot about Good Bad and Ugly, those wild west movies but the action is completely Japanese and the spaghetti westernish. The stunts are crisp and fast.

The movie is bloody as hell. There is a lot of gore throughout the movie. I actually enjoyed the spraying of blood all over the floor when the leg gets chopped. It is funny as well as it gives you the satisfaction along with the Bride. Anime lovers have a pretty cool anime in store in this movie ( lots of gore again ).

The Bride just begins her rampage in volume 1. The story unfolds in chapters (director trademark) and switches between flash back and present story. As the first instalment is not that dialogue centric like QT’s other movies. Its more action and less talk kinda shit.

Volume 2, the Bride continues her rampage. Again has a really impressive opening scene. Her hit list is still incomplete and her final target is Bill. For reasons unknown the gore factor is removed to a large extent in Kill Bill 2. I found this transition not so appealing as I came back to the movie looking for elements that entertained me in Voume 1.

Its not a clear victory for the Bride this time though as she runs into a lot of trouble. Its one of those rare movie moments where the pratogonist is completely lost there and you wonder, how in the world is she going to get out of this fix? Watch out.

Camera work is to be appreciated here profoundly as it clearly pays homage to the old Chinese martial art movies of the past. The super fast zoom in and zoom out and the choice of texture remind you about those movies. As more chapters unfold, twists and turns never stop to haunt you. The movie is refreshing every moment.

Kill Bill is not a serious revenge movie. It has a lot of fun blended into it. Its a pure entertainer. I prefer the Volume 1 over Volume 2 basically as I  expected a lot after watching the former. If you loved those old chinese martial art movies or bloody revenge grindhouse flicks, the Bride has a lot in store for you.

Verdict Kill Bill is Kickass Bride just because I’m doing an over nighter writing this post as a tribute to the deadliest assassin ever portrayed. in films. Uma Thurman FTW!!



  1. Glad that you liked Kill Bill. Absolutely love it for all possible reasons. Personally, I find Vol 2 more appealing than the first one. But that’s not telling Vol 1 is a lesser movie or anything. There are these classic characters like Esteban Vihaio and Budd that makes Vol 2 so irresistible. Vol 2 is more character centric in a way. But probably, we need to consider kill bill as one single movie, to really appreciate it’s true brilliance.

    And nice of you to do this write up! 🙂

    1. Ya Kill Bill is one full movie. But I just compared the 2 volumes.
      Its one of those movies that keeps coming into your head. And that too woman centric !!! amazing.

  2. kill bill is one of the most stylised movie ever in film history. no unnecessary twists or turns. just straight forward revenge story. and as always great dialogues in Tarantino’s unique style.

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