Toy Story 3 : Its for you Grown-Ups !!

Movie : Toy Story 3
Language : English
Director : Lee Unkrich
Cast : (Voices) Tom Hanks, Joan Cusack, Tim Allen

Renu’s Take :

Don’t miss this movie just because you have grown out of your toys!

You heard someone telling you that this movie reminded them of their toys, and you sit down to watch the movie. You might just start wondering if that friend friend was wrong, just as I did! I just had to wait for a little longer to realize that no, they were not wrong at all!

The movie does take you to your good old days with toys! Precisely, I searched my memory for my favorite toys. I wanted to go back and check if my toys were doing okay and tell them that I had a great time playing with them. Cheesy? You will change you mind after you watch this movie.

However, other than this striking part, the movie is pretty normal. It is a great summertime (at least here in the US) movie for children! The movie starts out with Andy’s toys getting donated (after a series of events) to a daycare. The toys’ emotions at getting donated, their meeting new toys and children at the daycare, and big bad toy and his flashback, all make up for a good plot. Buzz (my favorite), Woody, Mr and Mrs Potato head, baby, and most importantly Barbie and Ken (Grown-Ups, this is especially for you!) entertain you throughout the movie!

If you have kids, definitely take them to watch this movie. And even otherwise, put this movie on your list, and catch up sometime!



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