Monsoon (Summer in some unfortunate regions) Recommendations: Magadheera

Movie: Magadheera

Language: Telugu

Director: S.S. Rajamouli

Cast : Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Aggarwal

Renu’s Take:

Kalabhairava and Mithra love each other, but are killed unfortunately. They reincarnate as Harsha and Indu, and thus goes Magadheera..

WHY this movie? Action, Fantasy, and some comedy, all in one: perfect package! The amazing chemistry between the lead pair is what I loved the most. In fact, I wish I understood the language better!
WHEN? This movie is perfect for an evening with friends when you have nothing to do outside (Rain or Shine).  Or if you are a person like one of us, who loves watching movies, then any time is perfect time for you, company or no company! Company is preferred for some unintentional comic relief by Chiranjeevi (Sorry, hard core fans!)
DO NOT use you brains! They are absolutely unwanted here, and might even be a spoiler! Don’t look for logic, and don’t even expect a great movie, this movie is a breeze, and just let it blow on you softly. There are certainly a lot of flaws in this movie, and the movie drags in the second half.
WATCH out for the great chemistry, as said earlier! Ram Teja and Kajal Agarwal are pretty good even by themselves! Its sad that Indian Cinema would be doomed without cruel villains who kill at will in broad daylight. Given the genre of this movie, we can grant the movie-makers one such guy, Raghuveer, who does a perfect job.

Vishnu’s Take:

“Chepestunadu BHAIRAVAAA” screams the villain at the hero. This dialogue became an instant hit in my college hostel and also the movie, though no one actually knew Telugu. I just wish I knew Telugu 😦 . As Renu’s disclaimer about watching this movie, we all happened to watch it one evening when we had nothing else to do other than open our books and study.

Movies are for entertainment and this slick flick delivers that mission readily. So its our first monsoon recommendation. This movie has everything that any other masala film would have. Songs, death defying stunts, punch dialogues and what not.  As Renu said it was a breeze.

The movie starts with the present era and further on draws lines with movies like ‘The Myth’ but its not that evident. The second half takes you back to an ancient civilization and here the real movie starts. There is much more clarity in this story than the story revolving in the present era. Telugu film industry seem to have a very strong visual effects team. They have beautifully recreated an ancient civilization.  Stunt master Peter Haynes grants you some really superb stunts. These are the most involving parts in the second half.

I would like to differ with Renu about Kajal as I found her acting very stupid and amateurish. Ram Charan delivers some good substance.

WATCH out for the scene when Bhairava takes an Army of enemies. This scene had my hairs standing up. No its really too good.

Just forgive the movie for some plot holes and foolishness and I assure you Magadheera will surely enliven your dull and boring rainy evening.



  1. AAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHH!!! If you are a serious movie watcher, or can’t let ur brain go completely dead or can’t stop it from thinking,”Is this possible???”, this definitely is not the movie for you, period!!!!
    “The myth” part is exceptional and the stunts are good!!! This is as far as I would agree with popcorncousins.
    On watching the movie, I felt like taking a dagger and shouting “Chepestunadu keeravani” ( the director of the movie),take on his whole crew …..

    However, if you are going to have a good time laughing this is the movie coz, that is what me and my good friend, Mr. Jihad were doing.

    Pls, sane Telugus don’t watch this then why us?? However, it has to be said that, us mallus are quite large hearted when it comes to movie watching, most of my friends were startled on hearing we guys watched all such kinds of langs!! CHEERS TO US!! 😀

    2/5 for this suggestion!! There are plenty of movies out there,

    1. Renu clearly stated the Disclaimer for this movie. The movie is actually fun. Really. And we are following a pattern for suggesting movies. Its not like our favourite list of movies or something.
      Movies for Monsoon dude… 😉

  2. There are plenty of other awesome movies like Kanathil Muthammitaal or anpe sivam then why such movies like magadeera???

    1. There are a lot of Awesome movies bro. Just wait for more. FYI Magadheera was a blockbuster hit in Andhra. It grossed so much that it is going to be remade in Hiindi and Amir Khan and Hrithik are supposedly trying for the roles.
      Now watch Magadheera for the sheer fun it delivers….

      1. Renu @ bhujivv: Life is afterall not all about good movies rite! Without these no-sense yet lovable movies, live would be incomplete!

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