Raavan – Raavanan

Renu’s Take

RATING: Enjoyable, if’f’ you are a die-hard Mani fan!

Most of us grew up hearing his story,  how cruel he was, and that he was Terror (with a ‘T’) personified! It is just impossible to imagine the “Dostana” Abhishek in this role! He may have done it in Yuva, or in Guru, and he might have even done it for Dostana, but he doesn’t do it here, he just doesn’t transform into Beera. Thats where Raavan fails! Beera seemed more confused than intimidating. The fact that a picture has already been painted into our minds only adds to Abhi’s woes. In spite of this, I did enjoy every minute of the movie, thanks to the cinematography, the music, and me being a die-hard Mani, ARR fan! Mani’s interpretation of the great epic fascinated me;  just as I peeled a layer of the story each time I came across  it at different stages of my life. It kind of makes me want to go back and watch Dalapathi(inspired from the Mahabharatha) again, and not to mention, Ravanaan!

AND, Hope Maniratnam realizes soon that he could work with someone better than Ash (the song Khili Re was a total disaster!)

Vishnu’s Take:

I happened to see Raavanan but as far as the story is concerned both can come under the same review post. Unlike what Renu said about Abhishek, Vikram stole the show here. He was splendid as the Villain/Robin Hood character. But the wheat crust thin plot is to blame for the poor performance of the movie. The movie gets into action very quickly without wasting time introducing the characters. This was bold and new way of story telling, but unfortunately it dint click for Raavan/Raavanan. The characters needed to be brought into the canvas in detail.

There was an element about Veera which was never zoomed into. Veera was confused through out the movie. If the story revolved around Veera’s perspective it would have been a fresh take. Veera was mentioned as the Robin Hood of the tribals, but there was no act shown in the movie which paid testimony to this side of Veera.

The movie tried to etch the characters in Ramayana very poorly (Literally showing Hanuman?? ). Also the character of Hanuman was not at all utilised. The hype of the movie ruined it to an extent.Viewers went into the movie expecting something fresh, a modern take on Ramayan, this sounds good, but they came out disappointed as the movie has nothing new to give us.

Hats off to Santhosh Sivan. But a superb movie is not one to that gives you just a visual experience. A modern adaptation requires a lot of detail, for instance take Dev D.

And also Mani Sir, next time cast people who fits into the character well, not someone like Prithvi Raj.

Final verdict: A one time watch nothing more.



  1. Saw and liked the concept of Raavanan, Mr. Mani has to be congratulated for that. Save for the regulars, like Mr. Santosh Sivan taking my breath away occassionally and A.R’s foot tapping music which takes one to another level, the rest was total drab, depressing, dull. These were some of the words that came to my mind when I thought about jr.AB and his beau. On the whole, thumbs up to Re!!!:D

  2. Going to watch Raavan this coming tue or thur. Liked the concept and further, how can one forget the charisma and charm of Mr. Vikram?? 😀

    Surely, nobody expected ab jr. to surpass him!!

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